Photo Requirements
  1. Image must be .jpg or .jpeg format.
  2. Longest dimension of image must be between 2500 and 6000 pixels. Smaller or larger images cannot be uploaded.
  3. Aspect ratio should be as close to 2:3 as possible. No 16X9 or other non-standard aspect ratios.
  4. Image should be sharp and properly exposed.
  5. We always recommend "Auto Sharpen" and "Auto Colour Correction" in Photoshop (under the Enhance tab).
  6. We do not want numerous shots of the same scene from the same photographer. If you have many similar shots, please select the best few of a specific scene (no more than two) for upload.
  7. If image is scanned from a slide, please make sure the image has been properly processed during scanning (i.e. no dust marks, no finger prints, proper exposure levels etc).
  8. If image is scanned from a slide, the slide mount edges should not be visible in the scan.

If you have further questions regarding photo upload requirements, please contact us.

The Imaginairie team